Tetralogy By Majk

Odinspit / Sike / Insitout / Decalogics

Finely crafted poems, most are 10 characters per line, ten lines deep for 100 characters per poem. Letters not sounded are deleted, and sometimes phrases or letters must be read over twice to move the poem forward. Perhaps thought of as a minimalist phonetic palimpsest. The last book in the tetralogy (pronounced De-cology-Logics) uses poems to flesh out the unique poetics he has developed, grounded in the ecology of writing, place and story.

An audio cd is included in each book, which adds what the author considers an essential part of the experience. . . his wonderful reading resounds with depth and clarifies any poems that seem opaque on first look. All are Smyth sewn, bound with tab and slot covers, and run over 60 pages.

$110 for the four book set

Set of Tetralogy books plus “Trisikled” $135

Individual titles can be ordered separately.