Long Winter Sunset

by Doris Heitmeyer
Edited by vince tripi
Illustrated by Hyde Meissner

Painter turned haiku poet, Doris Heitmeyer was a mainstay in the Haiku Society America until she retired to focusing on her writing.

Some thoughts on her poetry by vince tripi:

“Nature is everywhere.” How often said. But everywhere in the heart? Doris Heitmeyer is a poet who has found not only Nature, but the heart-of-Nature. And in the very heart of the city! Isn’t poetry that place where anything & everything must be found?
The place where anything & everything must be given away!
Here is a poet of rare & generous receptivity…a poet of rare & generous letting-go. Not everyone can see a sunset for what it is. For what it is becoming. No apartment buildings, no rooms, no windows—just sky enough to be a poet.
Whether she is strolling, standing still, looking up or down, or just looking, she never leads us to a stop sign, a blind alley, or even a blinking light. We are carried along into the richness of one special life in the city of millions.

vincent tripi

40 pages, 4.5 x 4.5”, hand sewn with a dagger binding, Centaur type. $15