English Monotype Specimen Book

  • Two volumes showing reproductions of all of the regular Monotype Corporation’s specimen sheets circa 1970, showing every typeface in every size and permutation, plus rare specimens such as Gaelic and Frakturs not included in the regular books & available only by special request.

  • Since the original specimen books were done in ring binders, they were updated by printers—adding in new faces and deleting ones out-dated or no longer wanted. This means few of the original specimen books were ever complete!

  • During the 1960’s many faces were discontinued to make way for Univers and so were dropped from specimen books. Combining the specimens from many sets, this new version captures the 1970’s legacy of faces. This project was done with the kind permission of Monotype Imaging.

Full Color Coil bound, 8.5 x 11 format, 2 Volumes; $100

(Volume I 350 pages, Volume II 368 pages)