The Type & Rule Caster, Thompson, and Giant all can do “display casting.” In this mode, a single matrix is loaded into a holder and then that character is cast in quantity. The type is then collected and hand assembled into sorts or fonts. Any composition is then done by hand setting. In addition to utilizing Lanston “Flat Mats” (as seen in the icon for the page preceding this one) English Monotype’s square matrices can be used. All have a 0.050” depth of drive. Typically these matrices run from 14 pt to 36 pt.

The Giant also uses Giant Matrices as well English Monotype’s larger display matrices, all of which have a deeper drive of 0.065”. These mats run typically from 42 pt to 72 pt.

Linotype and Ludlow matrices can be cast on Thompsons when they are fitted out with special molds and holders. At Swamp Letter Foundry we have one Thompson dedicated to Lino and Intertype matrices and another Thomson dedicated to Ludlow matrices. Because the loading and unloading of these matrices is so labor intensive, the time and costs for this casting are higher than for regular Monotype. To change a Ludlow matrix, the two blank side pieces must be removed (one on each side of the casting matrix) along with the casting matrix. Then the side pieces plus a new casting matrix are placed into the holder. For Linotype, the side piece and the matrix must be removed etc. Compare this to a Thompson “flat mat” which can be removed by simply turning a knob, sliding the old matrix out, then sliding a new matrix in and tightening the knob. Or using the Type and Rule holder a lever is used to pop the matrix out and lock the new matrix in place. Done. Quick & easy.