by vincent tripi
Edited by Jeannie Martin and John Martone Illustration by Hyde Meissner

65 haiku printed on 3x5 cards, along with an introduction and a dragonfly woodcut by Hyde Meissner. Cork laminate pouch with magnetic closure.

vince (he preferred lower case) died in 2021. He left about 6,000 index cards, each with his manually typed poems. In honor of his technique, this book is printed on 3x5 cards in his favorite typeface, Bembo. We miss him dearly, but have these poems to remember him by. More books are forthcoming.

He carried on an extensive correspondence (by snail mail, no computer for him) with poets across the country, and held forth at the Greenfield Market Coop, forging friendships with poets and anyone else who showed an interest. He also started the annual Haiku Circle, a gathering of people every June, which continues to this day.

Many writers relied on his critiques, as well as help getting published. For a brief account of his time in Greenfield, MA, see The Recorder article “Vincenzo the Magnificent” (9-22-2020).